WCG-Solar Revolution Light Mover with Bell Lighting Reflectors

WCG-Solar Revolution Light Mover with Bell Lighting Reflectors
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WCG-Solar Revolution

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Units are available to rotate two, three or four lights.

Another Solar Revolution benefit is that there is no need to cut any lamp cords or do any hard wiring. In other words it is a UNIVERSAL LIGHT MOVER!! 

The innovative design rotates the lamps in one direction, then reverses course to provide even garden light coverage in the opposite direction. In this way the lamp cords never tangle! The Solar Revolution is adjustable in that the grower may change the rotation distance from at 90, 180, or 355 degrees set points. 

This rotator is suited for the grower that mixes metal halides and high pressure sodium lamps and or dual arc lamps. For ease of venting hoods, the 90 degree setting is best fit.

The Solar Revolution circular light mover will increase grow light efficiency by directing light into the plant canopy at different angles more commonly known as SHADOW-SHIFTING, and will reduce heat over the canopy because the lights never stand still over any one part of the garden. Less heat and higher lighting efficiency means healthier plants and higher yields by as much as 10 to 15%.

The Solar revolution does not minimize the number of lights required over a garden but in turn will enhance the overall effectiveness of the lights. 

Remember, the average garden requires greater than 50 watts per square foot for heavy fruiting plants. The Solar Revolution is built to fit in almost any grow room application; from 4x4 to 6x6 to 8x8 garden space.

The Solar Revolution is extremely durable and is crafted from only the finest materials. From high stress bearings and instrument grade motors, to an all-metal housing, steel arms, and detachable 6 foot cord as well; nothing was overlooked in the quest for reliability, quality and durability. Each and every unit is hand built and factory tested in the USA to ensure consistent quality and trouble-free operation.

  • Slip-clutch technology
    • Slip-Clutch technology ensures that if the mover comes up against mechanical resistance such as a cord or structural support, the drive train will reverse direction and will not be damaged.
  • Proven track record of 15 plus years
  • Rugged construction
  • Fully bearing loaded drive train
  • Arm length end to end: 86 inches
  • Two year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Safety in operation
  • Simple to install
  • adjustable rotation at 90, 180, and 355 degrees
  • Rotates lights clockwise and counter clockwise

Available with a two-arm, three-arm or a four-arm kit. 

"Unit does not include lamps or ballasts

The Solar RevolutionTM includes:

1 motor housing with two center bar assemblies attached
2,3 or 4 2 “ arm mounting bolts (already attached to center arm)
2,3 or 4 1/4” nuts for mounting bolts (already attached to center arm)
2,3 or 4 bolts to attach mounting plate to framing member in ceiling
2,3 or 4 aluminum extender arms
2,3 or 4 u-bracket assemblies to hang reflectors from the arms
4, 6 or 8 zip ties"
 2,3 or 4 Bell Lighting Reflectors (non-vented)

For more graphic and text information, see:

Solar Revolution Specifications PDF 

Bell Lighting Reflectors

These industrial grade reflectors are manufactured from light weight 5052 marine aluminum that is rust proof and completely welded for superior structural strength.

The reflector panels are specifically proportioned such that 45% of the light is direct while 55% of the light is delivered through reflectiion.  Each reflector panel is proportionately sized to lamp geometry in order to precisely optimize reflectivity.  

Many reflectors use inserts to optimize reflectivity but inserts often times degrade rapidly with use.  This costs by robbing valuable lumens and wasting electricity over time.  Bell Lighting Technology has addressed this problem with their own patented powder coating material.  The powder coating is 100% resistant to UV/IR discoloration, which is why a 30 year warranty is provided for every reflector sold!  This means yoou can be assured you are getting 95 - 98% of the source lighting consistently over the lifespan of the reflector.  This special coating is corrosion and acid proof with anti-bacterial qualities as well.

Inserts create another problem when it comes to effective lamp cooling.  Most inserts inhibit air flow through the reflector and do not effectively cool the lamp requiring larger fans to over come conductive and thermal loading.  The MV series reflectors to not require inserts allowing for efficient cooling of the lamp using only four inch ducting.  The 5052 Marine aluminum also comes into play here because it has characteristics which allow it to reflect more heat than it absorbs.  The MV series reflectors require 30 - 50 CFM to keep them running cool.  Each MV kit comes with 4 inch tap-in collars for ducting and a glass clip kit for mounting of the lens.

Note:  Because of breakage problems during shipping, we recommend that you obtain the tempered glass locally if at all possible.

Email me before placing an order to be shipped outside the US
Solar Revolution Overseas shipping charge

Select Options desired:  # of Arms, Vented or Non-vented hood, 110 or 220 volt, Standard or Hydrofarm ballast cord

  • A   2, No, 110 v, Standard cord,
  • B   2, No, 110 v, Hydrofarm cord,
  • C   2, No, 220 v, Standard cord,
  • D   2, No, 220 v, Hydrofarm cord,
  • E   2, Yes, 110 v, Standard cord,
  • F   2, Yes, 110 v, Hydrofarm cord,
  • G   2, Yes, 220 v, Standard cord,
  • H   2, Yes, 220 v, Hydrofarm cord,
  •  I   4, No, 110 v, Standard cord,
  • J   4, No, 110 v, Hydrofarm cord,
  • K   4, No, 220 v, Standard cord,
  • L   4, No, 220 v, Hydrofarm cord,
  • M   4, Yes, 110 v, Standard cord,
  • N   4, Yes, 110 v, Hydrofarm cord,
  • O   4, Yes, 220 v, Standard cord,
  • P   4, Yes, 220 v, Hydrofarm cord
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