WCG-Bell Lighting Technologies LR Series Reflectors

WCG-Bell Lighting Technologies LR Series Reflectors
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Bell Lighting Reflecctors

These industrial grade reflectors are manufactured from light weight 5052 marine aluminum that is rust proof and completely welded for superior structural strength.

The reflector panels are specifically proportioned such that 45% of the light is direct while 55% of the light is delivered through reflectiion.  Each reflector panel is proportionately sized to lamp geometry in order to precisely optimize reflectivity.  

Many reflectors use inserts to optimize reflectivity but inserts often times degrade rapidly with use.  This costs by robbing valuable lumens and wasting electricity over time.  Bell Lighting Technology has addressed this problem with their own patented powder coating material.  The powder coating is 100% resistant to UV/IR discoloration, which is why a 30 year warranty is provided for every reflector sold!  This means yoou can be assured you are getting 95 - 98% of the source lighting consistently over the lifespan of the reflector.  This special coating is corrosion and acid proof with anti-bacterial qualities as well.

Inserts create another problem when it comes to effective lamp cooling.  Most inserts inhibit air flow through the reflector and do not effectively cool the lamp requiring larger fans to over come conductive and thermal loading.  The MV series reflectors to not require inserts allowing for efficient cooling of the lamp using only four inch ducting.  The 5052 Marine aluminum also comes into play here because it has characteristics which allow it to reflect more heat than it absorbs.  The MV series reflectors require 30 - 50 CFM to keep them running cool.  Each MV kit comes with 4 inch tap-in collars for ducting and a glass clip kit for mounting of the lens.

Note:  Because of breakage problems during shipping, we recommend that you obtain the tempered glass locally if at all possible.

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