WCG-Baby Bloomer Hydroponics System (35 units)

American Hydroponics Baby Bloomer Bare Bones System
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The Sunlight Supply Baby Bloomer is one of the most versatile small hydroponic gardens on the market.  Offering just the basics (tray, reservoir and fittings), you add all of your favorites to design your own system.  OR you can add additional items from the options listed below.

The Baby Bloomer is an excellent starter Flood & Drain hydroponic system for the beginner or space minded.  Solidly constructed of UV stabilized, impact resistant ABS plastic, it will offer you years of enjoyment gardening flowers, herbs or vegetables -- indoors or out.

lt is one of the smallest, most productive, soil-less gardens available.  The Baby Bloomer's small size (12" wide x 30.5" long x 15" tall) is perfect for window sills, patios and balconies.

Because there is space for ten separate pots, you can tend them individually and rotate them if needed.

The Baby Bloomer Bare Bones system does not include the 10 pots, pump, timer, grorocks, and pH test kit. 
Set of 35 Baby Bloomer Bare Bones Hydroponics Systems
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