TB-Wheatgrass, Nature's Finest Medicine

TB-Wheatgrass, Nature's Finest Medicine
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Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine contains everything you need to know about this wonder plant and its miracle cures. Including: The latest medical research; How to grow it, juice it, take it and create a total health restoration program. Detoxification, nutrition, research, benefits, healing retreats, chlorophyll, cancer, real stories by real people, historical roots. Wheat, barley and Kamut grasses. Why it works, where to get it and where to get help.

Never Underestimate the Power of Nature -

  • Wheatgrass-the Chlorophyll Cocktail that cures
  • Purifies and Rebuilds the blood
  • Increases hemoglobin production
  • Alkalinizes Blood
  • Cleanses the colon
  • Heals Intestinal Walls
  • Chelates out heavy metals
  • Purges the liver
  • Oxygenates cells
  • Heals wounds
  • Is Bacteriostatic
  • Detoxifies Cellular Fluids
  • Raises Enzyme activity
  • Elevates ‘Chi’ or ‘Kundalini’

Hear What the Experts Have to Say

“Wheatgrass juice is the nectar of rejuvenation, the plasma of youth, the blood of all life. The elements that are missing in your body’s cells-especially enzymes, vitamins, hormones, and nucleic acids can be obtained through this daily green sunlight transfusion.”
Rev. Viktoras Kulvinskas, MS, author Survival into the 21st Century.

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