SLL-LED Kitchen Garden

SLL-LED Kitchen Garden
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SLL-LED Kitchen Garden
We have placed the superior technology of our LED SonnyLightTM into the setting of an indoor counter-top garden. We offer a stainless steel counter-top unit with a 10 x 20 grow tray. You add soil, seeds and water and let our light do the work.

The LED Kitchen Garden can be used to grow plants all year around in your home and also be used to start seedings for your outside garden in the Spring.

Here are our LED Kitchen Garden specifications:

Dimensions of Counter-Top Unit 14 inches deep X 23 inches wide
Nursery Tray Standard 10" x 20" tray included
Power Supply Voltage 110V or 240V a/c 50~60 Hertz
Voltage at Hood 12V D/C
Power Consumption 15 watts
Other Power Source 12 volt DC car battery, optional cable adapter available
Number of LEDs 144 8mm LEDs
LED Colors 5 colors - Purple, Blue, Green, Orange/Red, Red and White
Light Source 144 8mm LEDs w/optimized light wavelengths for rapid plant growth
Software Controlled Yes, selectable Time of Day, Sunrise-Sunset, 5 plant types. 3 grow phases or auto grow selection
Light Source Life Approximately 75,000 hours or 15 years
% Light Source Utilized Greater than 95%
Cost to Operate Approximately $10.40 annually
Maintenance Required None, just water your plants, dust off the assembly
Shipping Packaging Cardboard package, protective cotton bags and recycled pulp for layered gardening
Number of Plants 1 to 72 plants at anytime dependent on tray type
Transplantable Plants Plants can be transplanted
Seed Offered Heirloom & Organic only
Is It Organic Customers choice to utilize organic soil, fertilizer & seeds
Toxic Materials None
Recyclable All elements can be recycled

Recommended Soil Type:

Use a good starter soil if you are starting your plants from seed, otherwise a good potting soil works well and will allow you to transplant to your outdoor garden.

Light Exposure

SonnyLight products have a Sunrise setting and a Sunset setting allowing for the optimum light exposure time. By design the light takes 15 minutes come on to full power and 15 minutes to turn off. We wanted to simulate how light works in nature.

What do I do if the power goes out?
The LED Kitchen Garden has a non-volatile memory, so when the power goes out and comes back on, the system continues your preset program.

Do I need to water my plants?
Yes. This is particularly critical using the LED grow lights and plants grow faster requiring slightly more attention.

What type of soil should I use to grow my plants?
Use a good starter soil if you are starting your plants from seed, otherwise a good potting soil works well and will allow you to transplant to your outdoor garden.

How close does the light need to be to the plants?
With LED lights there is virtually no heat or potential for heat damage. The lights should be within 2� to 6� of the top of the plants, as the plants grow simply raise the hood. If you are starting from seed place the hood assembly within one inch of the soil surface.

Do I have to keep it on my kitchen counter?
Definitely not, how about the family room, your office or even a closet if it has an electrical outlet, as SonnyLight provides the best light needed by your plants.

What is the difference between hydroponic growing and the SonnyLightTM system?
Hydroponic systems provide highly enriched and specialized chemical nutrients that feed the root system directly, plants can grow very fast with these systems. However, it is extremely difficult to transplant bare root plants into a soil base garden. The SonnyLightTM product philosophy is to provide the optimum light source in a soil base environment. This system means your success to transplant starts to your outdoor garden is very high.

How much electrical power is required to operate the SonnyLightTM?
LEDs by their very nature are extremely efficient, the SonnyLightTM LED Kitchen Garden consumes only 15 watts when the LEDs are on and less than 1 watt when the LEDs are off. While a single compact fluorescent will consume 18 to 30 watts depending upon the type.

Why does SonnyLightTM use the colored lights?
Plants do not efficiently use the broad spectrum white light to produce chlorophyll which is essential to growth. The optimum color for plant chlorophyll production is in the red and blue spectrum. SonnyLightTM utilizes the peak light wavelengths of purple, blue, red/orange and red for best results.

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