ISS-Commercial Sprouters

ISS-Commercial Sprouters
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ISS-Commercial Sprouters

A rotary commercial sprouter can handle 500 pounds of sprouts at a time. It performs all of the Automatic Seed Washing, Sanitizing, Rinsing, Soaking, Germinating and Growing functions automatically in a continuous flow. No need to pre-soak seed or shift sprouts from adding the seed to removing the finished sprouts.

You can also start off with a commercial bin or rack sprouter system for green sprouts and expand it to produce up to its capacity of about 2,720 kg (3 tons) per harvest in two days or 8,182 kg (9 tons) per week (counting on 3 harvests.)

Because of the variations in commercial operation that are available, stating some of your basic ideas on the form below will enable the specialist to have an idea of your needs when he/she contacts you for more details.

A few of the questions to consider when considering going into the commercial sprouting business are listed below.

  • What type and size of operation are you considering?
  • Do you have or will you need to have a building constructed?
  • Have you looked into the competition in your area?
  • Have you looked into the government regulations involved?
  • Will you plan to sell wholesale, retail or both?
  • How much experience do you have in growing and/or selling sprouts?
  • How much capital do/will you have to put into this operation?
  • Other

To obtain more information about plans and products available to create or expand your commercial sprouting business, complete and Submit the form above or send an email or fax to me to start the process. A commercial sprouting specialist will get back to you to work out the details.

Note: A window will pop up asking if you want to email the form but the To: field appears blank. Click "Send" and the email will be sent.
Fax: 1-253-550-9156

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