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NCW-EuroGrower - complete system


 The EuroGrower is the ideal system for someone new to gardening.  You can grow either numerous small plants or one large one in each of the eight 2-gallon buckets.

  • Price: $569.95

NCW-MegaFarm Drip System


The MegaFarm is one of the few hydroponics systems on the market that can grow extra large plants including many varieties of trees.

  • Price: $299.95

RC-Eco Grower Max Drip System

RC-Eco Grower Max Drip System

The EcoGrower incorporates an air driven “spider” drip system and uses the same revolutionary hexagonal reservoir with removable six inch lid inserts.

  • Price: $228.95

RC-Power Grower Eco

RC-Power Grower Eco

The PowerGrower Eco will grow small, medium, and large plants up to tomato, cucumber and pepper size.

  • Price: $107.95

RC-Waterfarm 8-pak drip hydroponics system

Eco-Waterfarm 8-pak

The WaterFarm 8-pack is eight WaterFarm module units connected to one General Hydroponics Controller: an integrated 13 gallon reservoir and an 8 gallon controller unit.

  • Price: $489.95

RC-Waterfarm Drip Hydroponics System

Eco-Waterfarm Drip Hydroponic system

The WaterFarm will grow small, medium, and large plants. With its large water capacity and low water requirements, the WaterFarm is simple and efficient.

  • Price: $59.95