GS-Self Watering Stacking Planter

GS-Self Watering Stacking Planter
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These very attractive, self-watering stacking planters may be used indoors or outside, as a standalong vertical garden or as a hanging garden. 

You may start with a basic set of 3 planters and later add additional planters up to nine layers high.  Two additional planters may be added to your basic set of 3 planters to make a hanging garden up to 5 tiers high.  Each basic set comes with both a tray for self-standing and a chain to be used for hanging the planters.  Excellent for a space saving vertical garden on your deck, porch or garden area which can be expanded into commercial production later by simply adding additional units.

The food grade Polypropylene units are UV protected to prevent cracking or fading.  Each planter is designed to fit snuggly over the one below it so it essentially locks into place to maintain a solid vertical tower.  Additional planters can be added by simply inserting them on the uppermost planter until you reach the maximum recommended height.

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Water - Nutrients

Each planter holds 4 quarts of medium and has a built-in one-half gallon reservoir to keep the moisture where you want it -- near the plants, not on the ground.  Water and nutrients are added to the top planter and the excess over 1/2 gallon drains down to the lower planters so there is no danger of over watering.   A tray, included with each basic set, holds the overflow water to keep it off your deck.  The new patented self-watering system provides a steady source of water to the roots with a patented grid system that redirects water into the water reservoir as it tries to escape out the side of the pot. 

The Self Watering Reservoirs will save you on your watering and your nutrient costs. Watering is never more than once per day and can be up to several days in between, depending on size of plants, how often it has rained and outdoor temperatures, etc. The unique benefit of these patented planters is that your plants will enjoy all the benefits of having nutrients available to them for an extended period of time! Rainwater will be captured for later use.


While almost any medium including soil can be used, a 50/50 blend of shredded organic coconut coir and perlite has been a great base for this hydroponic vertical gardening.  You can mix in some compost including earthworm castings if desired.

It is recommended to use two Coco Peat bricks with each planter. If you choose not to, just separate the brick into 3 sections at the score lines. Perlite is recommended as the medium, but anything aerated will do. The planters were designed to be efficient with all mediums.


Suitable crops include strawberries, herbs, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, collards, cucumbers, onions, peppers, radishes, shallots, spinach, squash, flowers, annuals, cacti, ferns, fruits, grasses, herbs, orchids, and more!


The same basic set with additional planters may be:

  • Used as a self-standing vertical garden up to 9 planters high
  • Used as a self-standing vertical garden up to 10 planters high with a rigid electrical conduit rod inserted down the middle with one end extending 8 - 12 inches into the ground to ensure remaining upright even with children or pets around.
  • Used as a hanging garden with up to 5 planters.
  • Used indoors or outside on a deck, patio or garden.
  • Used as a space saving commercial vertical garden with water lines extending over each planter set for automatic watering and nutrient supply.

Sunlight Rotation:



For even better growth, the hanging garden can be easily rotated as desired so all sides receive an even amount of sun.

The self-standing planters may have a 1/2 inch conduit placed through the middle of each planter with a 9 inch piece of 3/4 inch steel conduit placed over the 1/2 inch conduit at the bottom with a 1 1/4 inch round washer placed on top of the 3/4" pipe. 

The bottom planter rests on the round washer which allows you to rotate the set of planters as desired.


The self-stacking towers may also be placed on a wheeled cart and moved around as desired.



In the Fall, the planters can be easily dissasembled with or without growing plants by merely lifting them off the stack and then reassembling them indoors for either storage or to continue growing plants indoors during the cold weather season.  Planters can also be placed on wheeled carts for easy movement as needed.

Commercial Gardening:

There is far less stooping required when most of the plants are stacked vertically making for a more pleasant gardening experience.

These space-saving planters are the perfect design for vertical hydroponic farming.

Commercial growers looking to maximize the yield of fruits, vegetables, and herbs have been reaping the benefits from these planters.


Sets of these vertical planters may be spaced 4 feet apart with the towers spaced 3 feet apart within the rows. 

An automatic drip system watering and fertilizing system may be installed over each tower, although hand watering will work as well.

You can grow 300 plants in a 16 foot x 14 foot plot with plenty of room to service each pot.


Mosquito Free:

Does not attract mosquitos as the water source is completely surrounded by soil (or hydroponics medium)

The P1360, P1361 and P1364 3 Tier sets come complete with bottom tray and chain for hanging.


A - P1360 - 12" Stack Planter - 3 Tier set: color - Terracotta

B - P1361 - 12" Stack Planter - 3 Tier set: color - Stone        

C - P1364 - 12" Stack Planter - 3 Tier set: color - Tuscany    

D - P0000 - 12" Stack Planter - 3 Tier set: color - Black         

E - P1060 - 12" Add on Planter - set of 3:  color - Terracotta

F - P1061 - 12" Add on Planter - set of 3:  color - Stone        

G - P1064 - 12" Add on Planter - set of 3:  color - Tuscany    

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