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NCW-Quantum HO Fluorescent bulbs

NCW-T-5 tubes

The Quantum Tri-phosphor bulbs are designed for optimum performance with the Quantum Bad Boy reflector.  The Quantum Bad Boy coupled with Fulham units put out 28.6% more light than other fixtures with NO additional power consumption.

  • Price: $92.00

NCW-Quantum T5 Bad Boy Light System

NCW-T5 BadBoy

The Bad Boy T5 fluorescent fixture use high efficiency, digital electronic ballasts to power the high output T5 fluorescent lamps.  The BadBoy T5 features a low profile and very low heat allowing it to be placed close to the tops of plants.

  • Price: $164.95

RC-T5 EnvirGro 4 foot Fluorescent Tube System

RC-T5 EnvirGro 4 foot Fluorescent Tube System

T5 Fluorescent Light System Hydrofarm’s new Designer T5 System delivers performance, flexibility and high lumen output in any growing environment. These daisy-chainable systems allow you to choose multiple hanging configurations to meet...

  • Price: $139.95

RC-T5-Envirogro Fluorescent-2 Foot system

Eco-Fluorescent T5 4-tube

T5 High Output Fluorescent Light System fixtures are great for house plants, seedling starts, flowers or anything you want to grow indoors.

  • Price: $84.95