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Mold and Mildew free

This is the only Livestock sprouter system designed to prevent mold and mildew without harmful chemicals. They were specifically designed to be installed in an environmentally controlled building for optimum sprouting, mold control and operator comfort.

The main feature of the new EZ series is that it now only takes less than an Hour to harvest, clean, and reseed 1 ton of sprouts daily. 

Benefits of Livestock Feed Sprouts

  • Eliminate worries about weather, climate, drought or insects destroying or reducing your pasture fields or overgrazing. 
  • Or conversely, some farmers have increased the number of livestock that they can carry on their existing feedlot and pasture land because the pasture is only needed for grazing and exercise and not as a vital portion of the livestock's daily nutritional requirement.
  • LIvestock feed sprouts are very beneficial for any grazing animal including horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, zebras or other grazing zoo animals.
  • One Livestock Feed Sprouter in a 1250 square feet building can replace up to 200 acres of weather dependent pasture land with Spring fresh green grass sprout fodder grown inside in comforable surroundings all year long.

You can reduce livestock feeding costs significantly while providing tender green grass mats that are higher quality feed than the grain used as seed. One pound of 30% digestible seed grows into about 8 pounds of 80% digestible sprouts in 6-7 days.


  • Converts starch to sugar (better for ruminants)
  • Increases enzymes, vitamin levels, amino acids, and fatty acids.

When grain is ground/cracked it has a determinate shelf life and will quickly go rancid. It can become rancid even before you buy it at the feed store and before it’s turned in to pellets or mixed in a bag.

The sprout mats can be easily cut to provide more or less green grass depending upon the size and activity of your livestock. Even the hay for roughage will be significantly reduced providing additional savings.


16 - 18 pounds of this sprout mat will feed a normal 1100 pound horse or cow for one day.   

100 pounds of sprouts will feed 6-7 1100 pound horses or cattle.

One ton of sprouts will feed 125 fully grown horses or cows or 62 milking cows. 

Note: Actual number may vary depending upon size, condition and activity of the animals.


Normal grain contains an enzyme inhibitor that gives the grain protection from contamination from other enzymes or qualities that could contaminate the grain during storage. This inhibitor is gradually eliminated during the livestock's digestive process but does reduce some of the quality of the grain's nutrition.

The enzyme inhibitor is completely eliminated when the grain receives a quantity of water during the sprouting process so there is no nutritional reduction when the grown sprouts are fed to livestock.

Customers tell us that livestock come running when they see the trailer or wagon approaching with the fresh sprouts indicating that they like the feed as much as you will like the improvement in the quality of the feed and the appearance and actions of the livestock.


Based on suggested Fodder nutritional data for cattle feed:
Day to day feeding: 2% of animals total body weight per day. For an 800 pound animal you would feed approximately 16 pounds of sprouts.

Finishing Weight feeding: 3% of animals total body weight per day. For a 1200 pound steer you would feed approximately 30 pounds. 

We also recommend providing access to straw or dry hay to add roughage and improve the nutritional value of each feeding.

Thicker, Taller, Lusher: There is no substitute for quality. FT sprouts are 10" - 12" tall in 8 days. The root mat develops between 2" - 3" thick. Other systems would grow sprouts to 4" - 8" tall sprouts with less than 1" thick root mat. The root mat is saturated in sucrose, fructose, glucose, and energy. The taller sprouts and thicker root mat offers unique nutritional advantages that shorter sprouts cannot deliver.

Fodder growth in 5 days from seeds to hardy sprouts

Day 1                          Day 2                           Day 3                         Day 5

Fodder sprouts on Days 6  until ready to feed on day 8

           Day 6                      Day 7                     Day 8     Animals choose live fodder

 Nutritional Value:

For more information about the nutritional value of sprouts see the Review of Published Literature link.

Whether you have thousands of dairy cows, 5 horses, or a hobby farm, we offer sprouting systems, packages, and kits to fit virtually any livestock owner's needs and budget. These systems come complete with a specifically designed climate controlled room, sprouting equipment, pumps, meters, and everything necessary to grow quality sprouts.

Three classes of Sprouter systems are available:

Commercial Systems

Grow 1,000 - 10,000 lbs of harvestable feed daily with the Commercial Systems. These systems come standard with semi-automation and are built with quality start to finish.

Inside Commercial System

The main feature of the EZ over the Q is that it now only takes less than an hour to harvest, clean, and reseed 1 ton as opposed to the former 2.5-3 hours. 

 All EZ series units include the following;

  • Aluminum Frame (never rusts)
  • Bottom-fed ultra-pure food grade Sprouting Trays
  • Feed Manifolds
  • Recirculation tank with Pump and Timer
  • PVC plumbing parts to and from Sprouting Trays
  • Appropriate Seed Soaking equipment
  • Appropriate Fodder Tools








L x W x H

       ID Pounds daily




L x W x H

EZ25 25 1 8-3.25' trays   EZ250 250 12 18'x10'x8'
EZ50 50 2 8-6.5' trays   EZ250W 250 12



EZ75 75 3 12-6.5' trays   EZ500 500 25 16'x20'x8'
EZ100 100 5 16-6.5' trays   EZ750W 750 38



EZ125 125 6

20-6.5' trays


  EZ1000 1000 50 30'x20'x8'
EZ125W 125 6



  EZ1000 2000 100 48'x20'x8'
Multiton available              
















The W designation is for wheeled racks which allows the rack to roll back and forth thus allowing it to fit into a narrower room (8 feet wide instead of 10 feet wide)

Series Features

  • Energy efficient modularized designs
  • Expandable designs
  • Rafter and roller system
  • Labor input reduced to as little as 30 minutes/ton
  • Wide access - equipment can enter the building
  • Fully automated watering, dosing, and temperature controls
  • 100% money back Mold Free Guarantee

Reduced Footprint: The 2000 system will produce 2000 lbs of sprouts daily in just 1200 square feet.

Energy Efficiency: The Series systems come standard with R-28 insulation throughout the building. Additional insulation can be added for extreme climates. The reduced footprint combined with extra insulation make the new sprouting systems significantly more energy efficient.

Modularized design: These commercial products come in with external or internal options. All external options come complete as a total solution. The external systems include an installed control room, an expandable grow room, and an insulated flooring solution.

Expandability: The Series comes standard with a 20' control room dedicated as the brains of the sprouting system. This area includes automated water controls, a recirculating mixing tank, automated dosing systems, temperature controls, and more. The grow room extends from there to the end of the building. The grow room is expandable. Start with 1,000 lbs of capacity today and extend the grow room tomorrow with minimal changes to the control room.

Rafter and Rollers: The Series suspends the sprouting racks for a space concious design. The suspended racks slide back and forth with ease to create temporary aisles in between each sprouting rack.

Labor Saving: Currently an experienced grower will sprout 2000 lbs of sprouts in about 30 minutes in the EZ Series.

Wide aisles and access: Wide aisles and entrances allow for some equipment to aid in harvesting and lifting the sprouts.

Semi-automated designs: Water controls, temperature controls, the pre-soak station, water treatment and nutrient dosing systems are all standard in the Series designs.

Unsure about feeding Sprouts to your Livestock?

The operation and product of the Mikrofarm autosprouter for individual human consumption are almost exactly the same as the large Livestock Feed Sprouters. The difference is in the price and quantity. The Mikrofarm autosprouter costs $224.00 and produces one pound of sprouts daily or five pounds every five days while the Livestock Feed Sprouters produce from 22 pounds to multiple tons per day. You'll find that your livestock really like the sprouts and how easy it is to grow.

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