ARI-Mini Coliseum

ARI-Mini Coliseum
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The Coliseum contains individual sections stacked on top of one another. Each module pair contains 60 holes spaced 5" apart with 18" vertical spacing. One pair 7" tall x 70.5" length x 35" wide semi-circular reservoirs Five pairs of (two half-circles) 66" diameter x 16" tall layers The 300 plant Full system comes with all of the Base components listed above plus four pairs of Add-On Mini Modules.

When it comes to the Coliseum, doubling your yield is the modest claim. In fact, the Coliseum has been outperforming the worlds most productive grow systems since its introduction; tripling and quadrupling former harvests has not been uncommon.

  Easy to assemble and maintain and extremely efficient, the Coliseum is made up of individual sections that can be stacked on top of one another to create as much growing room as you need.
This cutaway displays the complete system with the base reservoirs, basic pair of stacks and the four Add-On pairs of stacks. Each module pair comes with 60 holes spaced 5" apart with 18" vertical spacing. You can mix and match plants by your spacing.
Spacing Module Pair Full System
5" 30 60 300
10" 15 30 150
15" 10 20 100

The Coliseum is the ultimate grow system as it allows you to easily double your yield for the same wattage as traditional systems and quadruple your yield for the equivalent floor space. A vertical system, the Coliseum takes up less space than traditional systems, while capitalizing on every photon of light. The Coliseum uses a highly efficient stacked array of lamps which allow plants to receive more even-light coverage than is possible with flat gardens.

The Coliseum has an innovative watering system similar to top-feed drip hydroponics. It is intended to be used as a "run to waste" system, using the water only once rather than recirculating it over and over. This is a proven commercial approach to hydroponics, and effectively avoids root system bacterial issues. The system can be modified to be a re-circulating system. (The manufacturer also offers an aeroponics upgrade.)

Using a variety of different hydroponic growing strategies, the Coliseum offers the grower several choices: Perlite, Perlite/vermiculite mix, Perlite and coco or coir fiber Mix, and Aeroponic. Recommended plants are ones that do not get extremely big (12 to 20 inches high suggested) such as basil, lettuce, small peppers, strawberries and flowers such as mums, etc. The inventor of the Coliseum is a professional Engineer with over 12 years of hydroponic gardening experience

The 60 plant Base Mini Module system comes with the following components:

  • One pair semi-circular reservoirs
  • One base pair of Mini Modules (two half-circles) 66" diameter x 16" tall
  • One 1/2 hp Flotec pump
  • Nutrient feed manifold
  • In-line water filter
  • Drain fittings and plumbing
  • Instructions

Lighting is not included. [vertical bulbs totaling 2000 - 3000 watts are required]
The Coliseums cylindrical design maximizes light capture; reduces water usage; and re-uses the hydroponic media. True Yield Potential is reached with only 3000W.


A string of vertical bulbs hanging down the center of the Cage Garden allows the light to stream horizontally in a 360 degree pattern, providing optimum light energy directly to the plants.

The "Lighting Ladder" pictured to the left is made up of two chains, obtained from any hardware store, hanging down in the middle of the Cage with lights attached at intervals. You can hang 2-3 1000 watt bulbs or 4-5 600 watt bulbs and you can mix MH and UPS bulbs as desired.

Each layer of the Small Module Coliseum holds approximately 200L of Perlite (4 cubic feet = 113 liters) or Soiless mix.

The 300 plant Full Five Stack system comes with all of the Base components listed above plus four pairs of Add-On Mini Modules.


Each reservoir is 7" tall x 70.5" length x 35" width (each - 2 required. Reservoir forms the base for the Coliseum)

Unit   Width Height Max
Reservoir 70.5" 70" 7" 0
+1 unit 70.5" 70" 23" or 2' 60
+2 units 70.5" 70" 39" or 3' 3" 120
+3 units 70.5" 70" 55" or 4' 7" 180
+4 units 70.5" 70" 71" or 5' 11" 240
+5 units 70.5" 70" 88" or 7' 4" 300

Note: Height measurements are approximate.

  • 5 pairs of layers - each 16" tall
  • 2 rows of plant sites per layer
  • Each layer holds approximately 200 liters of Perlite or Soiless mix
  • Dimensions (assembled) - 67" wide x 93" tall

The Base Mini Module includes the Coliseum Reservoir, one set of Mini Modules, Filter and Manifold.

What you need to complete this hydro system (these items are NOT INCLUDED):

  • water pump
  • Lighting [vertical bulbs totaling 2000 - 3000 watts are required]
  • Ventilation (exhaust) fan needed to exhaust light heat
  • Growing medium - use Big & Chunky Perlite
  • 3.75" net cups if running as an aeroponics system
  • Timer to run water pump
  • If you decide to operate the Coliseum as a drip system, the reservoir becomes optional, but you will also need to supply a total of about 250 litres of growing medium.
  • The manufacturer suggests using 70% chunky perlite and 30% vermiculite or coco coir fiber.
  • It takes about 3.5 - 4-cubic feet (113 liters) bags of Perlite plus 1.5 - 4-cubic feet bags of Vermiculite to fill a base or add-on Mini Module Coliseum pair.

See Additional Coliseum Information for more pictures and information about the Tall Boy Coliseum. See the Coliseum Manual for details of assembling this unit.


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Part # Item Name $ Price
pp300  Basic complete mini coliseum


 pp310  Mini Coliseum Layer (2x Modules)   $600
 pp320  Basic complete mini coliseum + Deluxe Package E   $5420
 pp301  Nutrient feed manifold for mini coliseum  $140
 ppr20  Coliseum Reservoir  (2 half modules)  $1140











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