AP-Easy2Grow Extension Kit AP204/SQ

AP-Easy2Grow Extension Kit  AP204/SQ
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AutoPot system
The patented Autopot systems use gravity and the ingenious AQUAvalve(R) to deliver just the right amount of food and water to plants without any of the hassles of pump driven hydroponics - but with all the benefits. Used in commercial greenhouse to outperform standard systems and cut costs. 

That's right, The Autopot modules each feed (2) 10" growing pots that use a proven combination of Ultrapeat coco-coir and Aerolite coarse horticultural perlite to provide the perfect balance of air and water in the root zone. 

When combined with the AQUAvalve's patented wet dry-cycle that mimics mother nature's natural rainfall cycle, your favorite plants will grow like never before. 

The AQUAvalve's method of operation resembles that of an ebb and flow system by employing a simple flood and drain principle but without the need to return depleted solution back to the reservoir. This simplifies nutrient solution management and opens up hundreds of new uses for this proven technique. 

The AQUAvalve first floods the tray to a depth of 1" with water or nutrient solution. Plants get their initial soaking. The AQUAValve then "waits" for your plants to consume the solution before re-flooding the tray with a fresh charge.

Each AQUAvalve is fed by a 1/4" connection to either a gravity fed or low pressure (up to 8 psi) water or nutrient source. 

The kit is ideal for indoors, greenhouses and outdoors; it will water and feed your plants for up to four weeks and is suitable for a variety of plants, ornamental and edible. 

Perfect for long term food crops, flowers, herbs and greens, the Autopot cares for your plants so you don't have to. 

Generous reservoirs provide weeks of feeding and since they feed from below with no re-circulation, pH and nutrient concentration swings are a thing of the past - not to mention when growing with the Autopot you can reduce nutrient concentration by up to 25% saving you money in the long run. 
You can add as many autopot extension pots to your system as you need.  You just need to ensure that the reservoir is large enough to supply all of the water and nutrients needed for all of the pots.
A - 2.2 gallon pots
B - 3.9 gallon pots
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