AP-Easy2Grow 12 Pot system - AP201/SQ/12

Autopot Garden Kit 12 pot system
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AutoPot system

The patented Autopot systems use gravity and the ingenious AQUAvalve(R) to deliver just the right amount of food and water to plants without any of the hassles of pump driven hydroponics - but with all the benefits. Used in commercial greenhouse to outperform standard systems and cut costs.

That's right, The Autopot modules each feed (2) 10" growing pots that use a proven combination of Ultrapeat coco-coir and Aerolite coarse horticultural perlite to provide the perfect balance of air and water in the root zone.

When combined with the AQUAvalve's patented wet dry-cycle that mimics mother nature's natural rainfall cycle, your favorite plants will grow like never before.

The AQUAvalve's method of operation resembles that of an ebb and flow system by employing a simple flood and drain principle but without the need to return depleted solution back to the reservoir. This simplifies nutrient solution management and opens up hundreds of new uses for this proven technique.

The AQUAvalve first floods the tray to a depth of 1" with water or nutrient solution. Plants get their initial soaking. The AQUAValve then "waits" for your plants to consume the solution before re-flooding the tray with a fresh charge.

Each AQUAvalve is fed by a 1/4" connection to either a gravity fed or low pressure (up to 8 psi) water or nutrient source.

The kit is ideal for indoors, greenhouses and outdoors; it will water and feed your plants for up to four weeks and is suitable for a variety of plants, ornamental and edible.

Perfect for long term food crops, flowers, herbs and greens, the Autopot cares for your plants so you don't have to.

Generous reservoirs provide weeks of feeding and since they feed from below with no re-circulation, pH and nutrient concentration swings are a thing of the past - not to mention when growing with the Autopot you can reduce nutrient concentration by up to 25% saving you money in the long run.

Infinitely expandable Additional Autopot gardens can be added at will to expand your growing area to any size.

One company just converted their entire greenhouse from a run to waste rockwool slab system to this incredible new technology that has proven itself to outperform and cut costs across the board.

This picture shows just part of the over 2,000 tomatoes thriving in a greenhouse environment when planted in the autopots.


You should use a filter with all AutoPot Watering Systems, it is very important that you check and clean the filter regularly. If it is a sponge filter that is positioned inside your reservoir, then it is advisable that you clean the sponge every time you refill the reservoir. If you use an inline filter it should be cleaned every 2-4 weeks. A poorly maintained filter can result in disrupted nutrient solution supply and even block the AQUAvalves.

Generally, if you keep clean and make sure your reservoir and AutoPot trays do not get contaminated with debris, your AQUAvalve should work perfectly for the duration of your crop. If you are growing long term crops you should service your AQUAvalves every 3 months.

A quick service involves turning off the water supply to your AQUAvalves and letting the plants use up the solution in the tray. Once the trays are dry and the valves have completed their wet/dry cycle, remove the AQUAvalves. You should also check if the yellow silicone in the top float needs resetting. To ensure that the AQUAvalve nozzle is unobstructed, use a paperclip or pipe cleaner and push through the AQUAvalve nozzle to remove any sediment.

Recommended Substrates

An ideal substrate for use in AutoPot systems is a 50% mix of perlite with either soil or coco. AutoPot Watering Systems have grown plants in a vast range of substrates from coral, to denim and pumice stone... we are now using the systems for aeroponic plant growth.

  • WARNING: If using clay pebbles, whether at the bottom of the pot as additional drainage or as part of the mix, the clay pebbles must be pH stable. Be aware that certain brands are NOT pH stable and will increase the pH of the water in the tray dramatically affecting plant growth. If you are unsure whether your clay pebbles are pH stable, then the pebbles being used must be pre-soaked for a minimum period of 48 hours in pH water 4.5. This will stabilise the clay pebbles. Please ask your local store for further advice or contact AutoPot. *Clay pebbles should not be used alone as there is not enough capillary action in the clay pebbles to draw the water high up into the pot. Clay pebbles should always be used with additional substrates.
  • Clay pebbles at the bottom of the pot can also be used as additional drainage if required to a level of 1”. Please ensure that the clay pebbles are pH stable before use.
  • Always use a good quality soil or coco.
  • Which ever substrate you decide to use, make sure its light, fluffy and free draining.
  • All AutoPot Watering Systems are extremely versatile and can be used with the medium / substrate of your choice. Whether growing in soil, coco, or hydroponically our systems exceed all expectations.

Here are a few examples of substrates that can be used successfully in AutoPot Watering Systems:

  • Soil / Perlite  50 / 50 mix
  • Soil / Clay Pebbles  50 / 50 mix
  • Coco / Perlite  50 / 50 mix
  • Coco / Clay Pebbles  50 / 50 mix
  • Rockwool / Clay Pebbles  50 / 50 mix

Infinetely expandable

Additional Autopot gardens can be added at will to expand your growing area to any size. . With an optional Fertigator, you can feed up to 500 Autopot gardens and never have to measure nutrients or fill reservoirs again!

System Contents

  • 1x 25 Gallon FlexiTank 
  • 1x ½" click-fit tank Adaptor & filter
  • 1x ½" in-line tap
  • 3x ½"-¼" cross connector
  • 10ft of ½" pipe
  • 6x 2Pot tray and lid
  • 12x 2.2 gallon pots
  • 10ft of ¼" pipe
  • 12x root control discs


A - 12 x 2.2 gallon pots

B - 12 - 3.9 gallon pots

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